See the video : the arrival of Titom from winter migration followed by Sylva

As promised, we’re going to start posting video extracts so that you can see again the most interesting moments of the 2016 season.

To start, the arrival of Titom, the male, on March 21st, followed by Sylva, the female, on the 23rd.

For those that were watching closely – and there were only three or four of us at the time – the concert of crows at the top left of the screen might have been a clue to the presence of a fish, indicating that an osprey was in the woods, before he finally turns up on the nest.

As for the arrival of Sylva, you can notice that she stares twice at the camera. Without really being worried by it, the female immediately noticed the intrusion into her world of this strange object and it’s wooden support stave. This is no surprise, she’s usually much more alert and on her guard than Titom.

The male, however, excels at fishing and had been gorging himself since early morning on March 23rd with a large fish, a good portion of which he then carries to the nest.
So when he meets up with Sylva again, that supposedly he hasn’t seen since the previous September, we thought that he might show a little gallantry and leave the fish to his mate, hungry after her long trip.

Unfortunately Sylva’s attitude seems to frighten him a little and he leaves again without even so much as a little mating session.
Luckily, he’ll make up for it later.