May 22th : and then there were three … but the network hiccups continue

Finally, the third chick appeared this morning, as expected. First glimpse at 8.25 a.m. jerky and difficult because of the poor weather conditions : The rain sets in for the day and after 50 minutes of normal service, the reduced broadband feed is back…..

At 9.30 a.m. there can be no doubt : For the great joy of all, the family of three is now complete.
160522 BC 09h29 55 a

As for the live feed problems we’ve been having for the last couple of days with the webcam, we again apologize and can confirm the following :
– The problem lies with the LTE connection
The problem will have been completely resolved by tomorrow morning.

So please be patient, a very necessary quality for all bird watchers !

Translation to English from French by Ian Stevenson

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  1. Such a lovely nest and environment! I love your website. I live in Boston, Massachusetts and am impressed with all the Osprey nests throughout the U.S. and Europe. Good job, as we say.

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