May 18th: the first chick hatches… and the first feed

37 days after the first egg was laid we discover the first chick, hatched last night or this morning.
A wave of emotion from the « FANS » messages are raining in ! Some already saw the « baby » at 7.52 a.m….. before the site was running.

We had to wait till Sylva stood up at 8.44 to see a little striped head moving down in the nest.

While we’re waiting for the video, here are a few screen shots :

160518 BC 08h46 34


But all of this doesn’t stop an intruder from disturbing the happy family :

Sylva sees him off and everything calms down again at 9 a.m.

Around 10 a.m., Titom passes a small piece of fish to Sylva for the first feed. No problem, the chick is begging and Sylva manages to give him tiny pieces of flesh taken from the fish…

And to finish off the morning beautifully, Titom brings a a large curved branch that he installs in the forefront of the picture : very artistic, just look at the lovely ellipse that now makes up the edge of the nest…

160518 BC 12h06 30


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  1. Congrats!! Sylva & Titom on your lovely 3 little ones
    my they grow up strong like their parents

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