April 17th : A full clutch!

Yesterday, during and after lunchtime, several attentive observers thought they could see a third egg, particularly during the brooding relays between the two parent birds. We couldn’t confirm as the eggs were partially hidden by an unfortunately situated clump of grass.
This morning, during the relay at 09.08 there could be no doubt, the ospreys are now sitting 3 eggs, probably since yesterday morning !

160418 BC 09h08 24

Ce sont bien trois œufs que nos balbuzards couvent, très probablement depuis hier matin !

Merci à eux pour cette jolie ponte, qui promet pour plus tard de belles envolées !

Just a few remarks :
– A 4th egg is always possible, exceptional but possible.
– Incubation will now start in earnest and we can expect hatching around the third week of May.