April 11th : Sylva lays a first egg!

At dawn the female is lying in the bottom of the nest and doesn’t move : an encouraging sign. We had to wait until 09.20 when Titom arrives, to see her get up and give us a glimpse of her first cream and ochre brown egg of the 2016 season.

While we’re preparing the video here’s a little slide show summary of the scene.


In 2014, the same couple arrived togather on the same date, March 23rd and Sylva started to sit eggs on April 13th.

The first egg to hatch can be expected between May 19th and 21st.

2 thoughts on “April 11th : Sylva lays a first egg!”

  1. Helllo!!!!
    We have been following your super site for some months now, all our family from Barcelona and France is obsessed with the couple, and finally this morning we have seen the first chick out of the egg!
    I have some pictures of this morning (10:30-10:40), I don’t know if you can appreciate the little one, but one can see the little head moving…so amazing! If you want the pictures let me know!
    Thank you

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